Friday, February 27, 2009

why the internet

As I am back from the infoactivism camp, I am looking back at all the tools that I have been informed about during the last 6days. And I find myself wondering, why? why would it be so important for us as feminists, to work along side with geeks? I mean no matter how cool my website is for example, using online technology ultimately means that I am excluding a big chunk of people who simply do not have internet access, right?
That's absolutely true. But if you ask me, in order to get to our audience we will have to use the internet, along with other things. Plus, keep in mind, that most of the work that we want to be done is based on public opinion, convincing people and promoting certain ideas, this work can only be initiated by us, if the people don't pick up feminist values and argue about them, then we will just keep on preaching ourselves, whether we use the internet, books, tvs, radios, newspapers, or even podiums and public speeches.

The greatest lesson that I have learnt over and over again is that we have no control over the revolutions that we push for. we can just say the first word, it is the people/others that will take the values that we thought are ours and will adapt and alter them to what they believe is right... And as they are doing so, our job is to keep on talking/typing/reading so that diversity is expressed.

So open those browsers, pickup those pens, turn on that tv, grab that newspaper and start thinking, acting and reacting... show me the world that you want to live in. It isn't just the internet that I want to see the world using


Anonymous said...

Dear Girlfriends....

First and foremost I am proud at the stance you have taken and the initiative you are creating for all Lebanese girls around the world. You are moving into the right direction. And as for being connected on the internet, well it is fundamental for those of us that are not living in Lebanon to keep in touch with all you are involved in.
Why the interent- well that is where the infomation is placed these days for easy access and efficient connectivity.
Keep it up and good luck..... :)

feminist_collective said...

Thanks Ms.Anonymous :)
Your comment was very nice and yes the internet is where the information is. And don't forget to pay us a visit when you are in Lebanon ;)

maheen said...

You are right internet has become a necessity today to speak to the world and to communicate your concerns to the people but I just want to say that while being heard on the net we must be careful about how to behave with others and try to respect the opinion of others according to the specifications of 1z0-147, 220-301, 220-601. Otherwise as you know already we are facing a lot of hatred...