Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First (woman) judge in Dubai

Source: Dubai appoints 27-year-old as first woman judge By Bassam Za'za' on Gulf News.

Apparently Dubai appoints a woman judge, I can't really say I saw that coming. it's a pleasant surprise of course. But then again, how much do we know about this lady? From this article we can only know that she is 27, has a masters (with distinction from the police academy) and an experience in education. The four other (men) judges that were appointed apparently have only bachelor degrees in law (or law and sharia).

Interesting, non?


never said...

so mean to say that the other judges(men) are appointed on the basis of gender???
To some extent it may be right but is it not possible that they didn't have to face that much competition from woman's side. During my job of EX0-101, 70-646 and 70-536 I have been noticed it throughout that most of the women have already accepted what the society has given...