Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top 12 Reasons Why the Billboard Campaign: “Sois Belle et Vote” Is Offensive to Women

Feel free to add yours.

  1. Oh, so now you’ve noticed that women are important? When you want their votes?
  2. You’re using a play on the saying “sois belle et tais-toi” (shut up and look pretty)? Really? So you think you’ve done it justice by changing it to “vote and look pretty?”
  3. Are you implying that women are too stupid to engage in real-life politics? That the only way you can appeal to their voting power is by reminding them to look pretty?
  4. What does being “pretty” have anything to do with the democratic process of electing a parliament that represents our voices?
  5. How many Lebanese girls look like that model in the picture? Better yet, how many Lebanese girls put their bodies through pain and confinement and self-loathing to try and look like that model in the picture?
  6. Isn’t your ad really saying: “Hey, men! Look at us! We have hot women! Vote for us!”
  7. If you care so much about women, where’s the 50% women’s quota in parliament? Or do you just want women to vote for men who care nothing about their rights?
  8. Where are the women in your candidacy lists? Not a single woman?! So you want women to vote but you don’t want them nominated?
  9. Wouldn’t it be better if you sought to change the Lebanese elections system so that candidates are forced to represent issues and not religions? Wouldn’t that make more sense for women voters?
  10. Where are women’s rights in the 19 elaborate points of your political platform? Hmm?
  11. How about instead of spending thousands of dollars on those useless billboards, you put up a campaign that promises things women really need like protection from family violence, the right to nationality, and protection from sexual harassment among hundreds of other things?
  12. So you want to settle for looking cosmetically progressive? How about some real political feminism?

Give me a break! All of you parties are useless. I’m going up to Baabda in June to exercise my right to vote in these elections because I can think, because it’s one of the only rights I have as a woman in Lebanon. But none of you will get my vote until someone presents a progressive gender equality platform. Till then, I’m voting blank.


nicolien said...

Exactly my thoughts when i saw this billboard. Did it not occur to anyone that this is incredibly belittling and offensive?

(First time I visit this blog, btw, so glad to see like-minded people in Lebanon!

And wanted to share with you my favorite feminist blog; Don't know if you know it?)

Tarek said...

There's MORE:
So ugly women shouldn't vote?
So pretty women are actually idiots, you're asking them to come vote and then go back to shutting up and not voting?
So men shouldn't vote for you?
Is French our official language now?
Is this advertisement shown in your allies' areas? (That's a question, I really don't know!)

Anonymous said...

you know i dont really care about politics and i aint goin to vote coz no one deserves..but oh God please dont be such paranoiacs, if u dont want to vote just dont! u really sound so psychologically having issues.... n if u think that women should have 50% quota then for gods' sake just vote and make a change!!!! just dont sit there and talk and comment like TYPICAL LEBANESE WOMEN do!!! im not against feminism or anything... but this is a msg to all lebanese: men women and all: PLEASE STOP BEING PRETENCIOUS AND BE UR SELF AND NOT PARANOIACS,ur like waiting for somthin to comment on so u can be seen... try to be seen in another way! use another strategy, im not against u at all, and ready to support if u convince but not in this way

Tarek said...

Don't you just love people that leave comments all tough and know-it-all but dont have the gutts to login when they comment?!?!

Anonymous said...

I am a supporter of Aoun
and quite frankly i think this billboard really demeans the supporters more than usual women
and i have the degrees to prove it
but to be honest this thing here made me feel like a POSTER that people use to make their walls nicer not that anyone cares what i think
So maybe i won't vote
if that's how they think of their women
and maybe i'm on the wrong side here
thanks for blogging it
maybe more women can maybe wake up from their "COMA" and see it as it is: "they don't care"

Anonymous said...

No Tarek... trust me ur mistaken dear... it doesnt make a differnce if u knew who i am or not... i might be a female or a male... still no difference...and please dont use this provocation... Women have all the way and chance to prove their selves in this society but they are not taking it... no one is gona come and tell them run for i dont know what in the elections, they gotta do it themselves, and prove them selves enough to let people vote for them. oh n hey just to let u know i aint on aouns side or anyone else... and m sure few of u here are only against this campaign coz they are with an opposite party, i doubt it might be u, ur self on of those! :) ciao buddy! and Lebanese women, i know ur strong out there and u can get what u want.. but please think right!

Anonymous said...

Such things that you do, and the reactions that you make only give more justification to he who said "sois belle et tais-toi" . . .

Anonymous said...

YOU SHOULD VOTE for who you think is most benefial for your society as a whole, for who you think can give the most to any cause. . . your vote effects the whole society, men and women, elderly and children, not just one sex, or one issue. And you think no women were involved in this advertisement. Its not like Aoun personally deicded on it.
Voting is a great responsibilty, dont take it lightly!

Anonymous said...

this is not an excellent advert, and it can be considered as demeaning.
the strategy behind it is not to attract beautiful/stupid women to vote, but to have a hip, young, cool advert that talks to hip, young, cool people who dont seem to be interested in the elections.
it is to attract youth more than anything else.
this has nothing to do with women... or being demeaning... women activist sound like jews sometimes who always hear or see anti-semitism everywhere.

Tarek said...

Anonymous number 1 it's not about making a difference.... I should accept your opinion whatever your background is... My issue is the way you "anonymously" came and patronized everybody in a very condescending manner...

I wasn't attempting to provoke anybody.. Au contraire I was provoked by your screaming and judgement... Now I'll admit that the fact that I'm an anti-Aoun has made me against this campaign even more; their campaign managers SUCK... They're always insulting someone or annoiting themselves as the gods of 3iffeh!!!!

Anonymous said...

they just had no clue what they were getting into by launching this ad, nice mistake tough!
okay i must admit there is some drama in this article ;) implying and self deductive illogical chain reactions ! but that is by no way remains more logical then their way of thinking.
hell they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

i wasnt screaming when i type in upercase letters, anyway Tarek thank you for admitting that, and coming out of ur shell, i appreciate that... now girls, n women stop listening to ur husbands bothers or any male relative who tells u to vote for someone they want, so get out their and vote for urself n believe in something, n stop playing the victim role! vote for ur liberty (it can be wat ever party u think is right or none) but if u want a change, YOU make that change happen

ur concious
think in ur brains not in ur hearts... LOVE

Anonymous said...

OH btw tarek... i just realised something... we know each other! lol

Tarek said...

One more reason why you should NOT have blogged anonymously!!!

Anonymous said...

c ya at the gym tonight ! :) ciao

Nadz said...

I like Tarek :)

Reina said...

I wasn't going to vote but now I will as I am in love with the girl on the billboard...I just have not decided who to vote for yet... Is she running? (Michael)

vanina said...

"sois belle et tais-toi" / "sois belle et vote" = "tais-toi et vote"
"b pretty and shut up" / "b pretty and vote" = "shut up and vote"
y?????? where r our rights as women????? if we were men, akid it had make a big difference.
and yet the women that they r not considered as pretty, should not vote????
bas u know what yes we are and we will b always not just pretty, but BEAUTIFULL by our soul and mind and appearence, and yes we will vote because it is our right, not because u need us....
and yes we will make a change,
because we are BEAUTIFULL WOMEN :)

Mehdi said...

Um, I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I don't think this is particularly offensive. First off, it's a reversal of "shut up and look pretty," basically encouraging women to use their voice. Second, how is this any different from campaigns that basically tell young voters "Look cool and vote." Are those campaigns, by the same logic, simply asking young people to ignore the issues and vote to look cool? I hope not, it's simply a way to appeal to a certain demographic. Third, since it's not a certain party asking for your vote, but the election committee, why should it look like it's someone who is "[just] now ... noticed that women are important?" The list can go on, and on to match the twelve, but a couple of quickies:
- All advertising uses the attractive, and since it's not a full body shot, it is possible that she has a "real" body.
- Why would anyone really think that this would be an effective lure for men?
- While I'm a big supporter of equal representation, and if it's true that there are little to no female candidates, then that's a shame, but it still should be said that, if women vote for their candidates based on the issues, then there's no reason why their concerns won't be addressed.
... and others. ... Am I going to get flamed?

mazen said...

after reading this i saw the error in the ad, it should have been "just shut up"

nicolien said...

@ Mehdi: "Um, I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I don't think this is particularly offensive."

Yes, it is ffing offensive, and indeed you don't see it because you are a guy. You know what this billboard really says to women? 'Whether you vote or shut up, we don't really care, as long as you are pretty.' Clever word-play or not, the first order that is given is still 'BE PRETTY', and that's exactly the problem (with this ad, and in society).

Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit, ya women into ya intelligents; don't even read a debate like this, you are all supporting this because they already enterred your minds and played with it. and this is exaclty what they wanted to get from this Anti-sois belle et vote, women who like when others defend her. YOU DO NOT ANYONE TO DEFEND YOU. Be a woman, a soul, ask for you rights, either you're going to vote or not, it is YOUR CHOICE.

aya Sfeir said...

Cette pub n'est pas dégradante pour un sous au lieu de mettre a plat une pub sympathique qui change des slogans simplistes (des phalanges) illustree par leur candidat très brillant ( Nadim Gemayel ou encor par le rejeton restant Sami ), sans oublier la mégalo et pitoyable petite Toueini , ces slogans , son allure dramatique et théâtrale , rappelle Marie madeleine en campagne électorale.Cette pub s'adresse de manière saine et concernée au jeune électorat qui sera appelé pour la première fois aux urnes !
Quant au féministes convaincus , au lieu de tabasser cette pauvre pub et de la flanquer de tout les tords du monde, concentrez vous sur les vrai problème de la femme t'elle une bonne représentation dans le prochaine hémicycle et gouvernement ; Que la femme libanaise soit bien représenter non pas par défaut de progéniture masculine , ex : N Toueini .Bon sang n'y at'il pas une femme qui puisse s'emgager dans la vie politique pour un combat pour une idée pour un projet d'avenir ! Il est temps de concentrer notre énergie pour un vrai combat féministe !Bref la honte quoi, des médisances de veille femme .VOTER ORANGE ! VOUS LE VALEZ BIEN !

A woman said...

Well said!I am so proud to see that there are people who think that equality is vital for a balanced society and that women should be taken more seriously, with more consideration as to their thoughts,rights and roles within the community. This is the worse ad I've ever seen actually like if voting is a machinery procedure with no need for common sense use, when it comes to women...

Pazuzu said...

So 22 comments where are did we get with the debate?

Let's see, some people thought that what we want is to wallow about the situation of women in lebanon, crying and saying we have no rights and no body cares about us. Well though we do have no rights and no body does care about our rights... we don't care, we will not sit and cry about it. I don't know if any of the people who have left comments here have tried to check the Feminist Collective website but there you will find more information about our work, we've been to the streets once, we work on different issues and we are just not begging for what is our rights.
tene shi, I was surprised to find out today that some people, on external sites, were hailing this post as an attack on the LFPM... It's not... what we demand is for parliamentarians to speak of our issues, for example we demand ALL parliamentarians to support the law for the protection of women from domestic violence and we demand the right for citizenship rights!
If our beloved parliamentarians dont want to mention that, then really why should we vote for them?
that is what we said... go back to Nadz' post, did she say anything else than that?
We don't care about any political party in Lebanon what so ever if they dont care about us. And at the same time we are willing to work hand in hand with any party whatsoever if they include women's rights.
Our problem with this ad is very clear: We are women (and men) in a patriarchal society, we want to change the status of women... starting with the two legal issues mentioned by nadz. And since there are lots of people who have spoken here, I would cordially like to ask you to state your position as individuals from these two laws... with or against :)

Sara said...

I couldn't agree with you more Pazuzu.The problem with advertisement is not really related to Tayyar as Tayyar, it touches on a larger issue or a question the we as women are constantly thinking about: what kind of citizens are we?.
the ad simply emphasized on how we are seen amidst this election campaigns, and it does prove the we are seen as an accessory. The Ad doesn't only speak to women in terms of ugly or beautiful, it also uses the a language that is condescending, ino whats the difference between be a "be a darling, and make me a cup of tea" and " sois belle et vote". Its the language that reflects a position of power.

Also, if the advertisement purpose was to reach hip and young people and to motivate them to vote why should it have a woman posing in it and using a sentence that is commonly used for women? would not it be more logical to have a group of young people to appear? how would avyoung boy be interested in a 'sois belle et vote " advertisement?

I do understand the question raised by Mahdi, yes she could have a "real body", but the problem here is not her body, the problem, is sois belle. Why not be a citizen and vote? why does she have to be pretty and vote. I can also, debate the facial expression of the woman, is this what we look like when we vote? do we have this look, if so, i sure misunderstood the elections process.

The whole playing on words strategy is simply not smart.

I can still argue and argue and argue .. but I'm sure that when you watch the sois belle et vote will see what nadz was trying to say..

Michel said...

"Top 12 Reasons Why the Billboard Campaign: “Sois Belle et Vote” Is NOT Offensive to Women:

1- Women are so important to us that we want their votes.

2- In every way, “Sois Belle et Vote” is not offensive as “Sois Belle et Tais Toi”. It may not bring justice but it is a better replacement.

3- Girls tend to look pretty in everything they do, you can look pretty when voting too.

4- “Pretty” does not always mean physical beauty. Be pretty & positive when voting because you are part of the change.

5- Beauty is relative. Some girls might find themselves prettier than this one. Do you expect anything else than the picture of a girl for this Ad ?

6- Or it could say: “Hey women! YOU too must vote because we want YOU to be part of the change”.

7- This Ad doesn’t restrict women to vote for men! Women can vote for other women too. So Women prepare you candidacy lists!

8- Gilberte Zouein ? Or you don’t consider her as a woman ?

9- What does this have to do with the AD? Or while we’re here why don’t we solve the Palestinian crisis too ?

10- Let us build the infrastructure of how this country is run and Women’s right will certainly follow.

11- How about you put up a national campaign yourself for what you are claiming and we will provide you with our support ?

12- Isn’t it better than all those Amana Care and Extra Borojo and Lifelong useless Ads ?

Look at the cup that is half-full not half-empty.

Nadz said...

Hey Michel, nice list :D Here are my responses:

1- "Women are so important to us" - so push for their rights specifically. Any party that endorses even just one legal reform or public service to women, I will endorse and vote for in a heartbeat.

2- "Better" is not enough for me.

3- Lol. Girls tend to look pretty in everything? Well, so do men lakein. So what?

4- Pretty absolutely denotes physical beauty.

5- Yes, I expected a girl that looks more real than that super-model.

6- Why doesn't the campaign say just that. I would have LOVED a "Vote, women" slogan without the demeaning "be pretty" part. Ya reit. Kint tsawwarit 7addoun lal billboards.

7- Ayya women? And it's not just women I want. It's women (or men, really, I don't care about gender) who want to work on women's issues specifically.

8- Here's the candidate list - where's Gilberte Zouein? Ou suppose rasha7o one woman, so what? Women are 50% of the country; we deserve 50% of the seats. Or is it just according to sectarianism that we give quotas?

9- Because that's the main reason women can't run for feminist issues in the country. You can't get elected unless you're part of a political party or family. And the existing parties don't care about women's issues. Yes, I agree, we haven't lobbied them enough. That's why we started the Feminist Collective this year.

10- All the rights are interdependent and interconnected. There is no priorities.

11- There are many national campaigns out there! And why wouldn't parties put it up themselves? Shou 3am bya3imlo il "women's committees" in the parties?

12- Hahahaha.. that one I will agree with you on - only slightly better :)

I can't settle for the half-full cup anymore ya Michel. It makes me really angry. I won't take half of my rights, would you take half of yours? And I never said I don't like FPM and don't appreciate progressive things that they try to do. Bidallon a7san min ghayron bi kteer. But "a7san" relativity is not good enough for me. We let all our politicians in Lebanon get away with too much. And we've started to speak up - even at the risk of being misunderstood. Silence will not protect us.

Ran said...

Whenever they want to address women,they talk about the way we look and how pretty we are or aren't..this is why the FLP has made a mistake and this is why this campaign is sexist.The beauty myth that society uses against women is political and is a way of maintaining the patriarchal system and should end.So plz don't pretend that this ad is anywhere close to raising concern about women issues...
BUT reading all these comments, it makes me wonder..we have written feminist posts many times before and no one was ever interested in arguing,is it bcz this time it tackles an issue, or a mistake made by a political party? if that's so, now we know how to start debates about our issues, we link them to a political party & everyone will suddenly be passionate bout it, right nadz??

Nancy said...

Dear anonymous,
Your words sounded judgemental, and contradictory to me!
I mean using terms as “typical Lebanese women”, common man! You don’t know us as “women” and don’t know what we do for our causes!!?!?
And if you are aware of the fact that we are smart, and that we can make a change; then why did you follow you sentence with a condescending and more likely insulting one? Saying: “i know ur strong out there and u can get what u want.. but please think right!” and saying: “think in ur brains not in ur hearts... LOVE” (end of quotes) heh! Well that’s a typical kind of thinking coming from a man! If we are smart as you suggested, then it means we know how to THINK and with what!

We as women know that we have the right to vote, this fact is acknowledged, and that’s not why we refused this poster. Our rejection to it lays in the fact that the female body become the mean by which “woman” is defined, and feminism is crucially concerned with the ways in which woman’s bodies are controlled within a patriarchal system, and at the same time objectified, by various means for male consumption, and sexual delectation.

We are angry from such poster because it concentrates on the issue of representation, and how women are portrayed; in this poster my friend lays a contrasting power of relations, implicit in the representation of men and women, a man’s presence that promise of power, whereas a woman’s presence implied self-conscious display, her sense of self split between the surveyor and the surveyed, in other word, “Men act, and Women appear”, women watch themselves being looked at as-sexual-objects.

For us feminists, who are active, one of our key issues is recuperating the representation of the female body from objectification and stereotyping.
We are acting my anonymous friend, and we are careful about not focusing on seeing wither a woman as a victim or a woman as a mother, our major concern is to create an environment which is “gender-inclusive” (man=woman in rights)

But then again the problem of our rights is much harder and deeply rooted in our “manly community” and our culture, it starts since long time ago my friend,… in the end I know that you and I in all of this agree on a certain level.

Peace, Love, and Solidarity



Anonymous said...

Well it just like any other political debate in lebanon, unfortunately people still analyse a billboard not for it's content but for it's writer. It's just a mentality that persists in the majority of lebanese citizens.

Regardless what they are ruining of praising women, i have few points :

1- 'Soit belle et vote' is positive. 'Soit belle et tais-toi' is negative.

2- You can wait later they might post smth like 'soit fort et vote' for a guy having body building, you have to look between the lines to understand what is meant.

3- This political block asked for for that the parliament should be represented by 50% women. The reason that it didn't work because all the rest rejected it.

4- Regardless of the thinking level of persons they are addressing to, i consider no connection between being 'belle' and being 'right/smart'.

5- If you want to keep Female body out of being used in commercialism, ask those women to stop advertising ..and stop blaming men.

6- In the end you are phemenists, in addition to the last comments above, i'm against you not because you ask for 50/50 or full rights or wathever. I believe in equality, and believing in equality brings you back your rights not the vice verca. If you need your rights you should accept the other to be accepted, your phanatism is killing your rights, remember look at the countries around us and how women are treated. You phemenist are blind followers for your pheminism... Just all the other polical parties out there. :)

And be charaf rabkon stop watching a7mar bl khat l3arid. It's for shallowminded people.

A Female from Lebanon...

Anonymous said...

feminists just go get laid , and all ur problems will be solved.its nice to be an asshole sometines :D

Nadz said...

Oh, look, this L'Orient le Jour reporter agrees with us :)

Rami said...

sois belle et tais toi <= orginal quote

sois belle et vote (parle) <= manipulated quote

what's wrong with that? is that hard ???

you people really need to get a life... stop nagging

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine got married to a French guy and they live in lebanon. The kid is not allowed to have the lebanese nationality. Do you know why ?

For all the feminist in this forum including Nadz whoever you are, do you know who proposed a law for women to have the right to give the nationality for their children ? And do you know who rejected it ?

As rami said, sois belle et tais toi is bad, et 'soit bele et vote' -> soit belle et parle. is correcting a negative statement.

If you want to lead a revolution for acquiring women's rights. You have to be belles/smarts and vote not against the people who are trying to get your rights since 2005.

A lebanese guy who believes in equality.

Anonymous said...

ok stop using feminisme in everything! sois belle et vote i3ni expresse ur self!!!!! kif chftouwa offensive...i3ni 3njad feminisme in lebanon is taking the wrong turn...feminisme is ment to lead women to a place equal to men not superior to men!!!!!
sois belle et vote, by voting ur beautifull!! i can understand it like that,... expresse uf self,,,from the inside,,, fini ekhda as i like...

Rawad said...

Very good job! we should be more careful in choosing words and billboards in Lebanon!


Jo said...

I think you are being too defensive.

I am neither with any political party running for these elections and you have a point, non of them do care about our rights...but still, I don't not think these are the top reasons. I think they were trying to be funny and catchy, yet it is not really working!

Jo Hammoud

Anonymous said...

Although i support most of what is said, i don't think a "vote blanc" would be a solution.

I think the collective has gained good visibility to establish a contact with any party who would want to and talk about a women and gender equality agenda!

Good luck

N. (F) said...

Sois Belle et Vote.
Arrête de te taire.
Sors de ta passivité.
Voter est un acte responsable, adulte, intelligent, civique.
Il est alarmant que de très nombreux libanais l’aient perçu comme négatif!
Associer « Vote » à « Tais-toi » démontre que nous sommes tombés bien bas en matière
de démocratie ou de conception de la démocratie.
Vote. Sois Libre. Exprime-toi.
Vote, tu existes.
Et pas seulement par ta beauté !
A mon avis, cette campagne est excellente.
Elle est attirante, intelligente, et provocante… comme les libanaises !
« Sois belle et Vote » un slogan qui fait bouillonner les féministes.
Mais où étiez-vous donc, féministes de mon pays, jusqu’à cette campagne ?
Pourquoi ne vous présentez-vous donc pas aux élections ?
Les femmes n’existent pas sur la scène politique libanaise.
Il y a des veuves, des orphelines.
Qui remplacent un homme.
Un « za3im » disparu.
Mais qui ne représentent pas les femmes libanaises, leurs aspirations.
« Sois Belle et Vote ». Change ton image.
Femmes de mon pays,
C’est la première fois que l’on s’adresse à vous en public.
Sans détours.
Pour souligner votre existence,
Pour souligner votre beauté,
Plus profondément qu’un décolleté.
Femmes de mon pays,
Belles dans votre courage,
Belles dans votre détermination,
Belles dans votre intelligence,
Belles dans votre dévouement,
Social, patriotique, familial.
Femmes de mon pays, où êtes-vous ?

Maya said...

Feminist should get laid, yay. sweetheart we already DO that, actually we are fighting for the right to intitle woman of doing to there bodies whatever they wish to, second, i on a very low level of tolerance see the point of men not understanding why are we feminists so angry from this Ad, let me explain why, What would men do if somebody touched there manhood, Zoukouriyeton, it's already there, when we try to fight for our rights, everybody protests that we are touching zoukouriyat l want to see what men say if they were called unsmart, that would make everybody protests.
Anyway, nadz thank you for projecting all women point the views, the one that know and the one that don't know how demeaning for women this ad was,

Maya said...

btw why can't i look ugly n Vote?
of they meant it in a good way then why instead they didn't write something that encourage women to vote from there point of view only according to what they want not there father's brother's boyfriend's and husbands? and how dare they tackle the self image issue, don't we have enough ads on the road telling us to look how Men want us to look?pretty and stupid. or Pretty No2ta.
And we should get a life? whosoever wrote this, we are getting a life by standing up to whosoever stop us from taking our rights, that's what a life should be, one with equal rights, this ad could've been billion times better if it was something like, your intelligent, and you have the right to express yourself.
Politics in this country keep slipping to a silliest level everyday.
and on a second level of thinking, why don't these political parties instead of spending billions of dollars on advertising and showing who's right and who's wrong, why don't they in the price of 1 billboard feed thousands of starving lebanese families that have no food water of a place to live. how dare they spend so much money on billboards while everyday you walk in the streets you see little children and old people homeless in life situation that cats cannot even survive. and they dare open there mouth to defend, kif ellon 3eyn 7atin both parties such ads on the streets while we see a little kid on the street selling 3leke on the highway and begging for food and we see a homeless person sleeping under the ad?
Seriously shu hal araf, kif ellon 3eyn ba3ed to work in politics n to pretend they are right, while women at home are beaten up everyday and women in the streets are being harassed and who cares, Nobody cares, and at the end of the day, they come will billboard and i am talking about both parties that talk about Voting, and to who? for a worst country, ba3ed fi aktar men heyk in7itat w takhalof?

Diab said...


When you say women make up 50% of the society, we deserve 50% of the seats, it's like saying my dad was a minister, I deserve to become one. Nothing is granted for free, you deserve what you work for.

If you were a true feminist, you wouldn't limit yourself at 50%, you will aim for 100%.

If you were a true feminist, you would have checked the number of female candidates running in this elections out of the 700 or so candidates.

If you were a true feminist, you would have asked yourself the question, Why women don't run for parliamentary seats?

How many women you know, actually vote according to what their father, husband, brother or even cousin dictate? This is the first electoral ad that targets women and their right to think, vote, independently...

Whether you like this ad or not, you should be thankful that it revived the debate about women's rights


Diab said...


rather than sit here and complain, and expect things to be handed to you... why don't you start a fund raising campaign so that you can be able to afford to pay for billboards highlighting women's rights, or to be able to feed all the needy, and trust me, we will be glad to contribute


PS: as for the silly comment "why can't I be ugly and vote", you can be pretty and smart as well...

Maya said...

excuse me, who told you am not??
and why things can't be handed to me, am i not a person in this country with rights?
and are you talking about a fundraiser to do a billboard? are u serious? Im not jealous you have billboard,I am angry at the statement about women ur billboard is Promoting.
we are not sitting and complaining, we are doing work on ground,specifically for women rights, but u know it's funny that EVERYTHING we did up till now, u say that. i advise u before talking about a group, at least either log in to the website, or do some research, since it's very obvious from ur reply to nadz post that you have no idea what the feminist collective is asking for, we made it clear, we want all the things u talked about and more, u would've saved urself some energy.
after such billboard we wish u concentrate the Help you are sweetly offering on at least cleaning ur system from sexism.
PS: concering u can be pretty and smart, well too late, why didn't that brilliant idea occur to you before posting this billboard, and beauty is really relative, what you should be talking about is Smart w BASS

Diab said...


had you and Nadz done your job properly, and investigated the political line that is behind the ad, you will know that your comments are misplaced.

FPM are the ones that have made the billboard as part of their electoral campaign.

before attacking the billboard or FPM, you might want to check the track record of FPM.

You might want to check the parliamentary records to see who spoke about parliamentary female quotas...

the C&R bloc nominated Leila el Solh for the position of Prime Minister during the consultations held by President Sleiman before the formation of the current govt.

FYI, General Aoun asked 3 women to run on FPM's lists and the 3 of them declined.

When I tell you that you should work for your right and not expect it to be handed for you, this is what I meant. Out of 700 or so candidates for the elections only a handful are women. It is up to women to step up to the plate, be active and take responsibilities.


PS: “Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition.” (Timothy Leary ).

Diab said...

Aoun's response regarding the ad:

سئل: ما رأيك بالحملة التي يشنها الفريق الآخر على الحملات الإعلانية للتيار خصوصا إعلان "كوني جميلة وانتخبي"؟
اجاب: انتقد هذه الحملة من يكتبون بالفرنسية. نحن أخذنا عن الغرب كلمة سيئة بحق المرأة وهي "كوني جميلة واسكتي" فكان هذا ردنا لأننا دعونا المرأة كي تعبر عن ذاتها فقلنا لها: "كوني جميلة وانتخبي" فظنوا اننا نطالب بصوتها. جمال المرأة ليس بجسمها فجمال كل امرأة وكل رجل بما يشع في الوجه.الجمال هو التعبير الداخلي الذي يعطي الإنسان الجاذبية بالمعنى النفسي. من هي المرأة؟ هي أمنا التي نحبها ونحترمها فهل محبتنا لها مرتبطة بجمالها الجسدي؟ علاقة الولد بأمه ليست مرتبطة بجمالها فأجمل مخلوق هي الأم التي نذكرها بانفعال وذكريات جميلة حتى حين تشدنا من الأذن. ثم هناك الأخت التي تربطنا بها المحبة والتقدير والحماية. فأنا مرة قفزت عن السطح لأنقذ أختي الصغيرة التي احترق فستانها. وثالث امرأة هي حبيبة المرء وهي أيضا في موقع الحب كيفما كان شكلها. فليكفوا عن الكلام عن الجسد والجمال. نحن نقول لها لا يكفي أن تكوني جميلة بل عبري. وكتبوا مقالات أن بدلا من أن ندعوها للتصويت فلندافع عن حقوقها. وهنا أسألهم: من وقف في المجلس حين طرح مسألة الكوتا للمرأة؟ يومها قلت إننا نحدد علاقتنا مع المرأة وهل هي كائن مثل الرجل؟ إذا كانت كذلك يجب أن نزيل كل الفوارق القانونية بينها وبين الرجل وأن نكون متساوين بالمطلق. فلا نعطيها كوتا وندعوها الى أو18 أو 10 من المقاعد وليس 50% الساحة بعد إزالة الفوارق القانونية.أما إذا اعتبرناها كائنا يختلف وعنده تشريعه الخاص فحينها تستحق أيضا لأنها نصف المجتمع 20. وكلمتي مسجلة في المجلس النيابي. فآمل ممن يكتبون بالفرنسية لأن ذاكرتهم قصيرة حين يعلقون وهم يمتعضون ويمتلئون بالحقد والكراهية والمعتقدات المسبقة ويريدون مهاجمة ميشال عون فيقعون في الخطأ ألا يلعبوا معنا بمواضيع قوية جدا.

سئل: وماذا عن حضور المرأة داخل لوائح التكتل؟
اجاب: أطلب للشهادة ثلاث سيدات قدرت أنهن يمكن أن تعبئن الموقع الانتخابي. واعتذرن لسبب عدم الجهوزية إما بسبب الوقت أو الهدف أو عدم الاستعداد. طلبت من كثيرات لكن إذا أزلنا الفوارق القانونية سيكون على المرأة أن تعمل كالرجل وأن تخطب وتتعاطى الشأن العام وليس أن نضع امرأة لمجرد كونها امرأة في اللائحة أو في المجلس أو بسبب الوراثة كما يحصل الآن

Diab said...

غنوة الديك - انها نصف الكون وهي الجمال، هكذا اختصرها الرجل يوما ما. واليوم وبعدما تحدّت وأثبتت امكاناتها الفكرية، متساوية معه لا بل تخطته أحيانا، المرأة لم تعد حرفا ناقصا أو كائنا ضعيفا يحتاج الى التوجيه والقيادة من الرجل الذي نصبّ نفسه "الأفهم".

Sois belle et vote أحد شعارات الحملة الاعلانية للتيار الوطني الحر والتي اجتاحت شوارع لبنان، أثارت موجة تأييد شعبي من جهة واستياء وتهجما من جهة اخرى.

جيسكا منصور وبعد سماع فكرة الاعلان والاطلاع عليه، تشجعت لتصوير دعايته، معتبرة أنه فخر لها ان تشارك في الحملة الاعلانية للتيار الوطني الحر.

وقالت ان Sois belle et vote أتت من عبارة sois belle et tais toi غير أن حملة التيار حذفت الشق الثاني كليا، داعية النساء الى اسماع العالم صوتهم بدلا من أن يصمتوا. واعتبرت أن جمال المرأة ليس فقط بالشكل الخارجي كما هو معروف بل بنعومتها وحنانها مهما كان سنها، أما بالنسبة الى فعل الانتخاب فعلى المرأة أن تكون مستلقة وان تكوّن رأيها السياسي الشخصي من دون الاتكال على الرجل ليقول لها لمن تصوت ومن تؤيد وكيف تفكر. هذا الشعار جميل جدا لأنه جمع بين جمال المرأة الخارجي وجمال المراة الذهني والفكري خصوصا أن المرأة اللبنانية في مجتمعنا تتكل على رأي الرجل، الأب أو الأخ او الزوج. وهذا لا يجوز لذا قررنا عبر هذه الحملة اعطاء النساء دعمة معنوية قوية للتعبيرعن رأيهن.

وأسفت جيسكا لعدم فهم البعض الشعار بمعناه الحقيقي، فنحن لم نقل للمرأة كوني جميلة واذهبي انتخبي بحسب ما يُقال لك. ونحن لم نتوجه فقط الى المرأة الجميلة دون باقي النساء، نحن دعون كل النساء ليكونوا جميلات المظهر ومستقلات الفكر، غير أن البعض قرر مسبقا أنه لا يريد أن يفهم مغزى الاعلان.

ولفتت جيسكا الى أن حملة التيار لم تدعُ النساء الى التصويت للوائح التيار بل اكتفت بدعوتهم الى التصويت، فالهدف تفعيل دور المرأة من دون الاملاء عليها شروطا معينة.

جيسكا الطالبة الجامعية أكدت حق المرأة اللبنانية برأيها السياسي الخاص والمستقل، سواء أرادت الاقتراع للوائح التغيير والاصلاح أو حتى وضع ورقة بيضاء، فهو حقها وآن الأوان لنحترمه.

وقالت: أدعوهن للمشاركة في صنع القرار أسوة بالرجال، لان لا أعتقد انهم أذكى منّا.

حملات التيار الوطني الحر تتوجه الى كل شرائح المجتمع بلغة انفتاحية، قال مسؤول الاعلانات في التيار سامي صعب الذي لفت الى أن التيار تجرأ للمرة الاولى وتحدث عن المرأة اللبنانية الجميلة طالبا منها المشاركة والتعبيرعن رأيها لأنها نصف المجتمع ولا نستطيع تحقيق التغيير والاصلاح من دونها.

هذا الاعلان تعرض لحملات شعواء لاننا توجهنا الى المرأة دون الرجل، هذه الام أو الزوجة او الحبيبة او الشقيقة، صاحبة الدور الفاعل في المجتمع فمن حقها علينا أن تسمعنا صوتها حزيران7 ورأيها في .

صعب ذّكر بأن لبنان مجتمع ذكوري، وتصاغ معظم اعلاناته بلغة ذكورية تتجاهل دور المرأة. وللمرة الاولى خصصّ التيار لها مساحة اعلانية حصرية خرقت الأحادية الذكورية السائدة، معلنة صراحة أن دور المرأة فاعل كدور الرجل، لأجل المشاركة في اعادة بناء المجتمع الاصلاحي.

اعتماد اللغة الفرنسية في الاعلان الانتخابي سببه أن هنالك شريحة كبيرة من المجتمع اللبناني تتحدث الفرنسية كما الانكليزية، ومن يقول انه لم يفهم هذا الاعلان، فهو يرفض فهمه مسبقا بحسب صعب الذي يعتبر ان هؤلاء لم يعتادوا الايجابية والانفتاح في الخطاب السياسي وخصوصا في الانتخابات، فهم يركزون في منطقهم الاعلاني على التشاؤم والنكد بهدف استعطاف الرأي العام كما يستغل سياسيوهم شهداءهم لكسب الارجحية في صناديق الاقتراع.

وما نقوم به كتغيير واصلاح كسر المنطق الذي يقول بان الاعلان السياسي يجب ان يكون سلبيا فنحن نغيّر لبنان ومسارالتغيير يجب أن يكون فرحا وايجابيا، لأننا نسعى الى بناء الجمهورية الثالثة التي يجب ان تكون ثابتة. والسؤال ما الذي أزعج منتقدي هذا الاعلان، أهو مفهوم المرأة المتحررة من قيود الرجل؟ أو لأن التيار الوطني الحر سبقهم مرة جديدة بخطوة انفتاحية على كل مكوّنات المجتمع؟

Nadz said...

Hey Diab,

I ask myself those questions night and day, which is precisely why I decided to form a Feminist Collective and work on these issues. But, as I said before, the minimum is not enough for me. It's not enough that a politician speaks.. it's that they act. It's not enough to put up any ad about women.. I want an ad that pledges better rights for women.

The perspective that this ad is empowering for women is mistaken. I expected more from FPM and I will continue to challenge FPM to do more, as I have done for years. At least they are a political party one can talk to and criticize. That's what I like about them. I called one of FPM's offices and complained in person. And they were kind enough to call me back & listen more to what I had to say. Kudos to them for that :)

And to answer "why do you complain without doing anything.." Look, I DID do something and I voiced my opinion and everyone's trying to shut me up! :D

Today I went with 15 of my friends to protest the Turkish Cultural Week and we raised a "Recognize the Armenian Genocide" banner. It was in line with what Bakradounian stated as well.. and if I am not mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong) he is part of FPM. My friends and I spent 3 hours in the police station because of it! This is just to say that we don't care to take sides. We will speak about injustice wherever we see it without being afraid.

Bass, of course, FPM supporters got so defensive about our comments on their billboard ad. I still believe my comments are valid. And feminist :)

Anonymous said...

"Sois Belle" campaign adopted "picture of the day" in UK Times Magazine

Capagris said...

I think the campaign is quite stupid and I dont understand the message at all. But I dont think is offensive to women because it does not make sense. It is worrying feminism can be seen as something positive... equality is the only and right way. Nevertheless, there is hatred in feminist hearts and that is not good...

For example, how can you figure out this state from that words?

Isn’t your ad really saying: “Hey, men! Look at us! We have hot women! Vote for us!”

Anonymous said...

you guys are so subjective and not appreciating creativity. marketing wise, i think it is a very well done ad!
i dont support any political party in Lebanon. and i have been out of lebanon for more than 4 years.
Being in the marketing and advertising field, i vote for this ad to be the ad of the year :)

Anonymous said...

ok, to all the people that have problems against this ad. you are a bunch of ignorants and uncreative minds, and you are being soo subjective, i know why it;s becasue FPM thought of that ad. and you didn't, because all the FPM supporters are people that at least have a BS degree not ignorants like the opposite team, (for further info check each candidate on wikipedia since it's an objective source) now lets forget about politics and bit, you cannot deny that it's a beautiful ad. add to that instead of fighting state of art slogans and pubs. go check what other poeple are doing to women, i will bring the politics here again for a simple example, the teams running agains FPM, are supported by saodi arabia, go check about women rights back there where they put the goat in the frint seat of a car and the woman in the back, instead of attacking civilized stuff go and look for the the underage girls that are being used as prostitues and how each prince in saodi arabia get 'x' amount of virgin underage girls to play with them each day, go fight against the the rough treatement of women during sex. open up jobs for women, and by jobs i dont mean to clean, i mean to be CEOs and everything they want to be. and don't think that by opening a club and organizing a ladys night where the entrance for girls is for free with open drinks is a preservation to women rights becasue you are simply feeding the pleasures of the men in the club by making the job easier.

bottom line go find somehting usefull to help women rights and stop those stupids attacks on civilized ads. that contains women.

Mehdi said...

Sorry, I just read the "Wikipedia is an objective source comment" and I had to speak up. Wikipedia is a user-based encyclopedia, so even though there are measures taken to make it more accurate, it is nowhere near an objective source.

I don't want this to sound like I'm dissing the last comment-maker, but no. Not objective.

Further, and this is to nicolien and others, I still stand by my initial assessment that, from a pure language and marketing point of view, it's not offensive. Speaking to a friend in Lebanon, however, who told me that when women have almost no rights, or at least far fewer than elsewhere, that slightly alluding to women as objects of beauty rather than as people with the power to make rational decisions goes further than it would elsewhere. So, I will try to see your view point, but I still have mine. I guess.

Maria said...

for those of you interested in voting blank, do join :o)

thanks for the blog, m glad i came across


Mounir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

mounir is right i agree

wissam said...

friday night,
I'm at the airport, to pick up a french scientist who has some business with the association I work for...
it was his first visit to lebanon...
he was astonished by the diversity of the country and its civilians...
and suddenly he sees this poster on one of the billboards...
before even asking me what it was about... he looks at me, flabbergasted and says:
Were this published in my country, All Feminin rights associations would've filed a law suit against the ones who put this ad... No wait... All women would've filed a law suit...
This is cheap, sexist and disgusting...
(PS: he's a guy... and so am I)
and then he asked about who posted the ad, and after telling him, he asked again:
Are you voting for their favor?
I answered: Actually, I'm not a single bit "belle" so I think I'll pass...but even if I were, I think I would've done the same...
cos frankly, apart from airheads, I'm not sure anyone would feel targeted in such an ad...

w heik...

Anonymous said...

Hey am lamia
Listen Tarek i don't really know why you took it that bad all women i know loved this blog
anyway 1) for the first time a campaign is adressed to women and that's a good step
2) the saying :"sois belle et tais-toi" wasn't only adressed to pretty women they were talkin about all women whon were tooken only as a peice of gallery or a machine that makes kids so we reversed it and put it that way !! So when we put vote instead of shut up we're talking to pretty women and ugly to !! The point is to vote as she likes nt as his husband or brother or father do
3)I don't think that Le Figaro and Times are so stupid or are anti-feminisme to put this blog as 1 of the best photos and photo of the day !!

Finally am sry maybe i didn't write to well but am french educated and am nt that good in english !!
hope the message is clear !!

Anonymous said...

Hi all, my name is carl and I was redirected to this blog after seeing an article about the issue in the site of le figaro. When I first saw the billboards I was surprised because it was not like all the other propaganda with the typical political cliches. But I understood what it was aiming for by substituting "et tais toi" by "et VOTE" and thought it was very clever, but I also knew that like everything in this country it would bring controversy and negative paranoid criticism.
As we all know, woman's rights in this country are baffled and neglected but I really don't see (Maya and Nadz) how this campaign is the mother of all evil that has come down on Lebanese woman. The message is quite clear VOTE, make yourself heard, make your presence felt! Rights are like independence they are always taken and fought for and never,ever given!! (which is btw the problem of our country. we were handed our independence on a silver plate and we never fought for it when we were under french or syrian occupation). I respect the fact that you are working in a feminist group to try and get lebanese woman all the rights they should already have but to achieve that, making the ad look like satan won't help. Instead I think you should use that ad (since it's the first one targeting woman directly) and move forward with it. For example form a group from your association and go visit michel aoun and talk about your problems and how women are ignored in this country, tell him what u liked and what u didn't like in the ad, say what should be done make a big statement after the meeting in front of camera... Make yourself heard.
As you might have guessed I am an FPMer (tayyarge) and Trust me this man is one of the few who want to see equality between men and woman.
As for those who are disgusted by the word "belle" I say you are narrow sighted and well if I may say IGNORANTS. EVERY woman in the world always tries to be as "belle" as she can in her own way may it be physical or intellectual, and one of the most sought after woman of the 20th century was edith piaf being called by her suitors as the most beautiful woman in the world. So plz do not underestimate our intelligence and power to understand things and process them to get to our own conclusions.
In the end I would like to ask every woman reading this blog to go on election day and VOTE! I don't care if it's for FPM or anyone else just make up your own minds and do not follow your entourage, because (and some people may not believe this) but this year in the elections of student body in my university we had some female students being forced into voting like her brother or even her sister's boyfriend wants. This is no joke.
Freedom is the light that guides civilizations.
Thank you.

Tarek said...

Dear Anonymous, you asked why I didnt like this blog??? Did you mean why I didnt like this campaign, cause I have no problem with this blog whatsoever... Au contraire, I believe that although men and women are different, we're both equal and no gender should be superior to the other... Here in Lebanon, in several cases women are still the non-independent baby popping, kitchen cooking objects that must me guarded by their "men." I find that both disgusting and pathetic and would love to see an active women's right organization that would fight for women's rights and for equality of men and women...

Jean said...

This is a great Ad, for the simple reason that it hijacked all the other ads and made them fade in the background. That's great advertising. so if you want people to think about you make them love you OR hate you. this ad does both and the FPM and Aoun is the talk of the airwaves and InternetWaves. With Le Figaro and Times of London displaying it on their front pages, you just have to call it like it is: Excellent Ad by smart people.

Anonymous said...

It is true, even though the ad looks nice and is creative, it strikes as being offensive to women.
However, it is obvious that the FPM marketers just toyed with the known french proverb ("sois belle et tais-toi"), to come up with it, without elaborate research on the possible meanings.
It was not intentionally meant to be offensive to women.

Jean said...

Well, I have yet to find any women who found the ad offensive. It generates more smiles and discussion than anything else. Discussion about Women's rights and issues in Lebanon and that's beyond great, that's masterful. And the explanation from Aoun about the Ad was the right one. So we are all voting FPM, unless someone can convince us otherwise (and from the series of events lately, it doesn't look likely)! All in All I am enjoying the "battle of the Ads" that's civilized and actually fun and so Lebanese...

fletchy said...

Jean says: "This is a great Ad, for the simple reason that it hijacked all the other ads and made them fade in the background"

Ok, what if another ad showed a naked 5 year old girl being raped by a 40 year old guy...
and right next to it is written something like: la raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure...

I'm sure it will hijack all the other ads, and make them fade in the background... I'm sure people will be talking about it ONLY...
but would anyone consider it as a "great ad"???

then, what if the politician responsible for the ad, did a press conference and said that his ad's target is for this NOT to happen???

1- the ad would still preach child pornography...
2- the ad would still be disgusting and show a 5 year old girl being raped...
3- the ad would be understood by so many people as preaching child abuse, preaching abuse of power and bad principles...
4- a good ad, should be understood directly and without need for thorough explanation...

having said that, I'm not sure the "sois belle et vote" is a good ad let alone great ad... and I think we have every right to understand it in a wrong way, no matter what they are trying to explain to save their honor...
just like before that some other politician tried to explain that the term "thayyaj el batrak 3a shawfit kell hal neswein" was not meant in a sexual way...
enno ca va!
mish 7elo testaheblo el sha3eb hal 2add wlo!

PS: I'm Voting blank (a la ariel/persil/brinol)... I hope ma etsayyas w ta3emlouneh ouwwatjeh aw medreh shu!
li anno iza shi iza shi, Yoya aktar siyyeisseh momken entekhebo men halla2 la shi zilliar seneh...

Mehdi said...

Ok, I've been reading a lot of comments lately that make me wonder if I understand Lebanese politics at all. A lot of people are saying they are going to "vote blank" like it's a good thing. I understand that many people don't want to vote for the religious or sectarian based parties, but aren't there any secular independents out there whose politics match your own?

I guess from this message you understand I'm not Lebanese – but I used to live there, and I have a lot of emotional investments in the country. I guess I just grew up believing that not voting, or voting blank, is simply surrendering your voice and letting others make the political choices for you.

Isn't there anyone you can vote for who you believe in? I hope there is, and I hope you don't waste your vote on a blank ballot.

Diab said...

To all those that find the original ad offensive to women, here is what I would consider to be offensive:

I posted it on my blog to prove a point to you all. this is an amateur photoshop work.

Nadz, had what you mentioned in your original post been right, you would have seen something like that with the likes of Haifa or some other silicone woman. However, the team behind the ad focused solely on the face, and the features of the face. God gave the lady in the ad beautiful eyes, you cannot take that away from her.the ad didnt focus on the body (or the pain and confinement and self-loathing to try and look like that model in the picture, where do you actually see the body in the ad?)...

the list you made is so weak...

I will come back later with a response to each item on your list.

Diab said...

To all those voting blank, remember this: Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.


Anthony Zahr said...

I am so happy that people are finally revolting against this nonsence...all the support!

Makram said...

good to see ppl that doesn't see beyond their own nose, that cannot read between the lines, and cannot even understand the message behind an electoral campaign...

when you want to start criticizing slogans, you can see that every single slogan used by all parties can be subject to hours and hours of debating and critisizing...

BUT a successful campaign is one that is catchy, innovative, clever, and well targeted... Read More

this ad has a video version shown on tvs, that will show a self-confident women who has an independant life and goes voting by herself... and that's the message from this ad, which can be understood as "Sois independante et vote selon TES croyances et non pas ceux de ton marie ou de ta famille" but of course in order for the campaign to be catchy it used a known french proverb and rewrote it in a clever way.

what this ad meant by "Belle" (beautiful) is the inner beauty, it's having the strength and decision to be free and not sucomb to anyone's will (husband or others)...

but of course critics would only see the superficial aspect of the ad and would comment on it word by word....

this ad addressed all lebanese women as it should be done, other ads represented women in their ads, and addressed them with a masculine phrase, other ads did not address women at all....

in all cases, seeing these ads on the roads all around lebanon (including the areas you specified above) gives a new refreshing look for the elections... this ad brokes the chains that restraints our political ads to dry poetry slogans that the majority got sick of....... Read More

AND last but not least.... since this ad made so much criticism around it (good or bad) and gained so much attention from the ppl and the local and international media.... THEN THIS AD IS SUCCESSFUL

and a message to all lebanese women out there: "Sois belle (Libre / Free / 7orra) et Vote (selon tes croyances et non celles des autres)

Freedom cannot be given, it should be taken and this is how you will take it......

Anonymous said...

real feminists are supposed to be smart enough to know how to pick their battles. its a stupid ad yeah but its not offensive, you sound really stupid, if u see an ad with a handsome man selling perfume do you start shouting "ohh so ugly men cant smell nice?" get a life.
by the way Aoun does have a female in his list, he had one in 2005 and he has one in 2009 and the 50-50 qouta ur talking about is a load of shit, once lebanese women start participating in politics and thy start having their own thoughts tht appeal to a wide range of people thn thy can go to elections and let the people choose them, u cant just say that 50% of the mps have to be women, all that would do is give us lots of uninteresting female mps like solange gemayel, strida geagea..... and all those other mps tht dont seem to have a mid of their own

Diab said...

"الوطن" السعودية: للسعوديات أيضاً ... Sois Belle et Vote

12 أيار 2009
اجتاح الاعلان اللبناني "كوني جميلة واصمتي" معظم الصفحات والشاشات ليصل هذه المرة الى السعودية، وتحديداً من خلال جريدة "الوطن" التي خصصت في عددها صفحة كاملة للحديث عن الاعلان ومقاربته لوضع المرأة العربية وتحديداً السعودية، فيقول الكاتب "لا أجد فرصة للكتابة عن المرأة السعودية إلا وأنتهزها ـ وأعتقد أن الكتاب الآخرين يفعلون ذلك ـ إيماناً مني بضرورة الوقوف ضد طابور طويل من الثقافات والاعتقادات والشبهات والأعراف تتقاطع فيما بينها مكرسة حالة من التمييز والإقصاء والتهميش تتعرض لها المرأة السعودية منذ عقود ومازالت مستمرة للأسف حتى يومنا هذا، رغم كل المحاولات والإصلاحات والمبادرات التي تتخذ من عدة مستويات لتعديل ذلك المسار الخاطئ في التعاطي مع النصف السعودي الآخر، والذي من المفترض أن يُمثل الشريك الأبدي والحقيقي في بناء وتنمية هذا الوطن الذي يزخر بنماذج أنثوية رائعة ومبهرة، ولكنها ـ للأسف ـ تُبهر القاصي فقط، بينما الداني وهو الأقرب والأهم مازال حتى هذه الساعة متحيراً ومتشككاً وقلقاً حيال ذلك المخلوق القادم من كوكب آخر والمتعارف عليه تحديداً: المرأة السعودية".
ويعتبر ان "ما دفعني للكتابة عن المرأة السعودية هو ذلك الإعلان المثير للجدل والذي يجتاح شوارع وبنايات وشرفات بيروت ومعظم المدن والقرى اللبنانية منذ عدة أسابيع، والذي تظهر فيه فتاة لبنانية غاية في الجمال والأنوثة ـ كما هن اللبنانيات عموماً ـ شبيهة بفتيات الإعلانات التي تسوق عادة مستحضرات التجميل والصابون والجينز والملابس الداخلية النسائية، ولكن جيسكا منصور ـ وهو اسم فتاة الإعلان تلك ـ لا تُخاطب اللبنانيات هذه المرة كمستهلكات، ولكن كناخبات، حيث كتبت بالقرب من فمها الشهي عبارة بالفرنسية "sois belle et vote"، وتعني بالعربي "كوني جميلة..وانتخبي..". وللعلم فقط، وليس للتطبيق طبعاً ـ حتى لا يغضب مني حراس الفضيلة والعفاف ـ أن المرأة اللبنانية تُنتخَب وتنتخب منذ خمسينيات القرن الماضي!".
ويتابع "قد أثار هذا الإعلان جدلاً واسعاً في الأوساط اللبنانية، فهناك من يراه خروجاً عن المألوف، وإهانة لعقل وفكر المرأة واعتبارها مجرد وجه جميل وجسد مغر، بينما يدافع عنه البعض باعتباره إعلاناً موجهاً بشكل مباشر للمرأة اللبنانية العصرية التي تحرص على أن تكون جميلة وشابة دائماً، والاهتمام بالجمال يأتي في سياق الاهتمام بالديموقراطية التي تُمثل الجمال الإنساني والحضاري، كما اعتبره المؤيدون رداً مناهضاً للمقولة الشهيرة السائدة "كوني جميلة.. واصمتي.."، وأكثر المدافعين عن ذلك الإعلان المثير هم بالطبع من أتباع التيار الوطني الحر الذي أطلق هذا الإعلان لتسويق حملته الدعائية للفوز بأكثر عدد ممكن من المقاعد النيابية في الانتخابات اللبنانية والتي ستجري بعد أقل من شهر، وتحديداً في 7يونيو القادم. ويُعتبر التيار الوطني الحر من أهم الأحزاب المسيحية اللبنانية بزعامة الجنرال ميشال عون أحد أهم رموز المعارضة في لبنان".
وفي أدبيات الوكالات الإعلانية الكبرى في هوليود عبارة "كوني جميلة.. واصمتي.."، وهي عبارة تُقال للفتاة الجميلة الواعدة التي تم اختيارها للترشح للنجومية. فالمهم في هوليود الوجه الجميل والأنوثة الطاغية، أما الموهبة والإمكانات والقدرات والذكاء والفكر فهي مجرد تفاصيل لا أهمية لها، وهناك من سيتكفل بها لكي تظهر تلك الفتاة في النهاية ذكية وعبقرية وملهمة وطبعاً جميلة. وتنتشر هذه الصناعة ـ صناعة النجوم ـ في العديد من دول العالم الغربي، حيث يكثر الكشافون وصائدو الفتيات الجميلات في الأزقة والأحياء الفقيرة والمدارس والجامعات، وتتبنى الوكالات الإعلانية الكبرى تلك الفتيات الجميلات وتخضعهن لسلسلة من الاختبارات والدورات والتدريبات ليصبح ذلك الجمال في نهاية المطاف طاقة اقتصادية ومحركاً للتنمية. ويبدو أن تلك الصناعة الغربية قد بدأت تنتشر وتتمدد في مرابعنا العربية "المحافظة" لاسيما في دول المركز، بينما اقتصر دور دول الخليج، أو ما تُعرف بدول الهامش على تمويل تلك الصناعة العربية الواعدة، وهل هناك أجمل من تلك الصناعة؟! لقد استطاع سيمون أسمر عبر برنامجه الشهير "ستوديو الفن" أن يُدشن حقبة جديدة ترتكز على صناعة النجم العربي الملهم، تلك الصناعة التي تهتم بالشكل أولاً، أما الأشياء الأخرى فتأتي لاحقاً. أما الآن فنحن نعيش العصر الذهبي لتلك الصناعة العربية، وبرامج كاستار أكاديمي وشاعر المليون وهزي يا نواعم وما شاكلها تؤكد بما لا يدعو للشك بأننا نسير في الطريق الصحيح نحو الهاوية والانحطاط.
الم أقل إن المرأة السعودية تُعاني من الظلم والتهميش والإقصاء، فحتى هذا المقال المخصص أصلاً للكتابة عن المرأة السعودية قد ضل طريقه كالعادة بعيداً هناك حيث المساحات الأرحب والفضاءات الأوسع، هناك فقط يحلو الحديث عن كل شيء عن المرأة الغربية والعربية والخليجية، أما الحديث عن المرأة السعودية وعالمها المثير فيحتاج إلى لاعب سيرك ماهر يمشي على أطراف أصابعه ويُخرج الحمام من أكمامه ويُدخل رأسه في فم الأسد.
ويقول :"لا أعتقد أن حواء بنسختها السعودية تفكر حالياً بتلك الاستحقاقات "الكبرى" كالتصويت في الانتخابات البلدية، وقيادة السيارة، وتحمل أعباء حقيبة كبرى بحجم وزارة لا تختلف كثيراً عن بعض حقائبها التي اعتادت حملها وهي طفلة لم تتجاوز الـ12 من عمرها، ولا أظنها تُفكر في التخلص من تلك المفردة سيئة الذكر "محرم" التي تمثل العنوان البغيض الذي يردده الآخرون تهكماً واستهزاء بالمرأة السعودية، وغيرها من استحقاقات تتمتع بها كل نساء العالم، حواء السعودية لا تُفكر في كل ذلك، أظنها تُريد بعضاً من التقدير والاحترام والاهتمام والاعتراف والثقة، وهي حاجات ضرورية لتعيش في سلام وأمان في وطن يفخر بذلك"
فاضل العماني-"الوطن" السعودية

Jana said...

le probleme c est que c est un parti ki a sorti ce slogan et pas le ministere ou n importe quel association feministe

et donc ce n est pas sois belle et parle mais plutot sois belle et vote orange sans reflechir (comme l affiche ki a suivi ('je vote orange') )

Anonymous said...

You all got it wrong!!!
plus it does not address every addresses those who think that their only "job" is to look beautiful!! does not pretend to save woman or "emancipate" just stop attacking for the sake of attacking!!

Mandy said...

What a great post! I'm going to write about it on my own blog in the next couple of days.

VoteForLebanon said...

Thank you for writing this.
Are all the contributors of this blog Lebanese?
On the matter of voting blank, I'd like to advertise for my website, which promotes just that:

Sara said...

Hi, great post,

I am so happy to see and hear lebanese feminists. I am an Iranian women's rights activist (and feminist), Iran's electioins are in less than a month and Iranian women have organized in a coalition to express their demands.

there are several campaigns and groups working on gaining equality in the legal system (one of the main problems for women's in our countries). I wish you luck and lots of strength.

Michel said...

SOIS EGALE ET VOTE is not offensive to Women ?

Isn't it an affirmation that Women are not equal to men and that they should vote in order to be equal and that they are only equal in voting and not other things ?

The Girl on the AD is even much prettier than the Sois Belle et Vote, isn't that an offense to women also because many women are trying to put efforts into becoming EGALE a cette fille ?

Christian said...


Après la campagne du CPL “Sois belle et vote” appelant justement la gente féminine, voila les publicitaires, plutôt faiseurs de réclame du 14 Mars reprenant justement la recette avec un slogan qui ne veut rien dire… “Sois égale et vote”, Egale à quoi? Je vous pose la question…

Cette publicité démontre leur mauvaise fois, d’abord critiquer une publicité équivalente puis ensuite en faire une pareille!

“Sois égale et vote” est faite par quelqu’un qui ne sait pas parler le français correctement.

Variable Annuity said...

blog is presented in a nice way!!

Anonymous said...

yes you're absolutly right, isn't starnge that the first time in the region that a party wnat to start debating about some rights, in public , and you are facing this with a lot of agressivity,

isn't starnge that we are atarting to know about you , since this add was public, also you are working long time ago,

your agressivity is not fair for pushing your right into our society, try to be intelligent as you say and work with the wavw to place your idea's , and to go ahead, we don't care about political party we care about having a real rights for women in our country and if we have an opportunity to do something with this add you should have to do it and not to play politics, and be finally as the europeen foundations.

you have a good work to do, and a very beautifull right to defend don't wast is like europeen ONG did....

to summrise my idea, we are not @ Paris , or london , we are in MEA and any good wave should utlise to go on and build something for women rights
and don't forget, with peace and dialogue our victory is more powerfull, with war our victory is on distruceted land....etc

Anonymous said...

I do agree with your views. Its totally unfair to advertise like this way. Why women are taken just as a source of beauty and why the whole focus remains at the body and looks while politics demands totally different qualities as its also defined in EX0-101.

settlement annuity said...

You are exactly right. I just wrote a term paper on woman's rights and you are dead on with your points.

Great article

Anonymous said...

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Lebanese From Abroad said...

#Feminists! A great TED talk on women becoming the providers needs your comments, to balance angry ones by some men,
On forums like that we can make the world see the real Lebanese, and advocates of women's rights in lebanon.

Testking 642-504 said...

Vote is very important in democratic society.By using it properly we can bring revolutions in society and this one is good and I vote in negative.

agenda system said...

Voting system for any parliament of country should have the equal right for men and women. I think, in such matter any diversity should be avoided taking right measures. Because of as we human being, so the women should have the equal right in any country's parliaments. Normally I think so. Thanks.

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Brooke said...

I totally agree that it sucks that women are perceived as a source of beauty and that its totally unfair to advertise this way! There are some motivational sayings for women I found that we all could use to fight back with our words! I'll share them here: Feminist Slogans