Saturday, March 7, 2009

12:00am IWD - So what's up with the Feminists in Lebanon this year?

Ok the heat is building up as people are heading to their work, or favorite caffee/restaurant, or going shopping. Different people are saying different things and here's a quick preview of some of the ideas expressed:

  1. The Man has to remain slightly dominant, because he is the man and because the woman has femininity

  2. Inno l enoon ça va, mish 3atel
    ma fi 2weneen ti7me l mara, l wad3 bil marra

  3. Lezem l mara t7afez 3ala ounousita

  4. @#$#@@ l 2enoon! (yes we censored the curse words ;)
    but young people were just too busy running for their routine (or maybe they were just too shy to talk)

  5. L wade3 #@%$#
    But our team in Mar Elias felt a bit disappointed that out of every 10 people they approach only one would be interested to talk about an issue that is so important.
    Mar Elias

What is also interesting is that the Hamra Team was approached by the MFS who seemed quite interested in our perspective.

And the Camera people are also taking as much footage as possible, the editing corner is ready and waiting for all those rushes to arrive. Nadine and Chantal are running around like busy bees, Nadine's phone is always busy with people and newspapers asking her: So what's up with the feminists this year?

In our next nashra we will have more areas, as the Sabra team will be in place as well as the Burj Hammoud team.

So stay tuned, we'll be reporting again in exactly 60min.


Wahid said...

well great work...
and I want to congratulate you all coz you people are working in the tense environment like Lebanon and still working so effectively. Currently I am busy with my comptia certifications, mcitp certification and mcp certification and I'll also join you very soon...