Sunday, March 8, 2009

Celebrating Women's Day in Manchester

Ahoy from Manchester,

Happy Women's day to all you WOMEN and FEMINISTS.

I hope all is going well on the streets.

Over here in Manchester, I decided to celebrate IWD my own way.

Yesterday, I went to the Impertial War Museum to see an exhibition called 
Women's War Art, which focuses on the experiences of women war artists from the First World War to the FIrst Gulf War. BEAUTIFUL stuff!

After I finished that, me and my friends went to check out the central exhibition in the museum which showcases pieces reflecting on how war shapes our lives. In one of the corners, there was an action station which invites visitors to reflect on symbols seeing how important they have become in our lives and how different ones represent different things to different many people. They had tiles for visitors to make their own symbol. This is what I made.

Again, happy women's day to you all! See you in a couple days.