Saturday, March 7, 2009

IWD - So the feminists are sweating they are tired but they are still excited

So again, another round-up. Apparently, the more interesting specimens are on the street now, the feminist are starting to get a real taste of what awaits us in the future.

The Bliss team had to deal with people that were totally convinced that women's situation is "great" others were complaining that women are about to take over and rule men" and misk l khitem: "inno 3ade l tiltish".

The Hamra team had to listen to people telling her that "our situation in Lebanon is still better than in other places" and when the team asked about violence someone had the guts to say: "well women and men have to compromise"... ah yes violence is now part of compromise!

In Mar Elias some women had the courage to talk and they talked a lot! Others didn't escape censorship, or sometimes just the urge to go shopping!

The Sessine team is facing resistance, mainly men insisting that women in fact DO have all their rights... what other rights do they want anyway?

In Chiyah, some people are talking, some have very interesting things to say (I don't have the details right now but I'll keep you updated) others are reluctant to talk, but it's going smoothly.

An interesting incident took place in Zalka where the team approached an Ethiopian woman to talk to her so her boss allowed himself to answer on her behalf: "We are too busy" and walked away.

The Sabra video team stopped by before they went to Sou2 l A7ad... They have a lot of interesting stories to tell, but I won't ruin the surprise you'll all have to wait till the movie is out.

See you all in a bit


Dead Can Dance said...

when i lived in Lebanon i hated that people were shopping and cosuming it is crazy there especially with expensive brands labels. Our enemy should be shopping this is how the goverment and men control us through money, shopping, presents so we do not think of other things

Pazuzu said...

yes, economic oppression, women are almost never aware of their economic power and just let the system control them