Saturday, March 7, 2009

IWD - everyone is in their locations

So the feminists have a long day today. They all woke up in the early morning, even though it is Saturday and everyone waits for the weekend to rest. But they are women on a mission... and some men on a mission too.

Though some found it difficult to wake up in the early morning (don't you just love evening people?) everyone is excited.

Bliss, Hamra, Sassine, Furn el Chebbek, Kaslik teams are already in position, stopping women to talk to them about women and feminism.

The feminists are asking all the women simple, basic questions: What do you think about women's situation in Lebanon? What do you think of YOUR situation as a woman?

An interesting answer from several women on Sessine for example was: Ti3teer!

It kind of pushes you to think, non?