Saturday, March 7, 2009

IWD - final street update of the day

So now that everyone spent the whole day talking to women and people on the street, everyone is literally exhausted!

Of this day we have a lot of great memories and a lot of papers, on them written the opinions and thoughts of hundreds upon hundreds of women. Some had a lot to stay, some had very few words to say, but all of them expressed the society that we live in. A society that's sometimes in denial, sometimes schizophrenic but most of the time broken, oppressed and frustrated.

As a conclusion, I leave you with two answers to the question: what do you think of the situation of women in Lebanon:

صانعة وماشية

ما إلها كلمة

And two answers to the question: What are the problems that a woman faces in Lebanon?

لازم ننتفض
الرجّال بدو تربية

And so we end our broadcasting for today, we'll see you all tomorrow at Corniche el Manara, Ain el Mreisse.

P.S.: tonight on the program we have an article that is being processed right now. Written by a cool feminist. Make sure you read it!